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Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment :
If we consider the huge amounts of waste from electrical and electronic ...
Installation Environnement :
There are developed original corrosion sensors, an in-situ measurement type corrosion ...
Reusability :
Since the advent of surface mount technology, and the ultra-miniaturization of...

Enhancement Tests for Electronic Equipment


Techniques for fast and effective reliability enhancement testing of electronic equipment intended for use in harsh operating environments have been investigated. In particular, studies have been made of a step-stress, swept-sine on random vibration profile with combined thermal/humidity cycling test, and a variety of tests utilizing rapid thermal cycling and tri-axis vibration. The methodology is based on using established products, namely aerospace engine transient pressure units and automotive engine management units, for which considerable field reliability data exists, to assess the effectiveness of the tests at finding relevant faults. Our principal conclusions are as follows: combining test variables is more effective than using them in isolation, tri-axis vibration can lead to relevant failures very quickly provided the test is well designed and rapid thermal cycling is not particularly useful for products of the type studied here.


An experimental study on the Electronic Equipments were harmed by electrostatic discharge electromagnetic radiation field have been carried through. The system measuring ESD electromagnetic field is set up that is made up of electrically small pole antenna and measuring set of ESD current waveform stipulated in IEC61000-4-2. The air electrostatic discharge is investigated with the system. The correlation between the parameters of ESD current and ESD coupling voltages received by the electronic equipment is summarized according to a great deal of experiments. The results provide the objective data for the protection designs of the electronic devices against ESD.